• Some things to note about dating rich engineers

    some things to note about dating rich engineers

    What do you think of engineers…Introverted? Emotional intelligence is low? Smart? Good hands-on skills? So do you want to date a rich engineer like this? Perhaps in your mind, you might think of the bespectacled nerd in your class. They’re slow, but they’re smart, which makes you do not want to be lovers with them because you don’t think they’re right for you. But now the people on our engineer dating site are completely different from what you think they are. They are not only talented, but also rich and whether is it your ideal mate? However, if you’re considering a date with an engineer, here are a few things you should be aware of:

    1)He doesn’t have time for you during the week
    Duh. He’s a rich engineer, what did you expect? He is always dealing with physics, statics or hot work. Even after many explanations from him, you may still don’t know exactly what the thermo is. Absorb it and deal with it, because when he said he is working, he is. When ladies with good news want to share with him, if he is breaking, you may get a reply. Otherwise, you won’t get any answer. Because he often took full-time staff to complete his homework, apparently, he did not have time to deceive you.

    2)He’s basically a personal handy man
    Most rich engineers I know are practical people who enjoy using their hands to make things. One day, when he randomly told you that he built a shed. you will be so surprised to follow him and appreciate his achievements. When you want to do something, please tell him. May he won’t do it right away, but there’s always a surprise waiting for you. This can really come in handy, when you need something fixed. Even if he can’t fix something, he will try every method he can think of to do so.

    3)He’s supportive
    Engineers are realistic and down-to-earth people, so whenever you encounter any problems, your engineer man will calm you down by listing each solution. He will take you to a quiet place or take you to travel. When you had a bad day, his shoulder was the strongest backing. If you meet rich engineers on engineer dating site or millionaire dating sites, they may not be able to sing for you or write poetry for you, but you know that you can count on them at all times.

    In a word, above are all about some things to note about dating rich engineers, come on and join our site to meet your rich engineers!!

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