• My Dating Experience to Explain the Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Software Engineer

    my dating experience to explain the top 10 reasons to marry a software engineer

    I married an excellent back-end engineer through www.engineerdating.org. I've never regretted marrying him, and probably won't find anyone better than him. Many of the answers are platitudes of software engineers, so here's my answer, more human.

    1. He always put my mood first. Even before his programming career.

    2. The salary is good. I'm sure he's underpaid now. In the San Francisco bay area, it's easy to get by because it's easy to save up for a decent home. Because engineer is a rich career, so i have no need to worry about the living.

    3. We play many board games together. I don't need to read a 20-page rule book because he will summarize for me and patiently explain to me.

    4. He often eats fast food and cooked food so he has more time to work, so the dish I gave him was like a 5-star dish.

    5. We have a 65-inch TV that can enjoy our Netflix, you-tube and amazon on Samsung smart TVs. We like almost the same kind of movies. It's mostly science fiction, horror (zombies) and blockbuster movies.

    6. When we quarreled, even if I was wrong, he would give in to me. I must admit that I sometimes abuse it.

    7. He didn't like shopping, but he gave me a card to buy everything I liked, including his clothes and everything about him. He bought himself nothing (except board games). If you can find what he bought at home (other than a board game), I might give you $100.

    8. He is very confident in his work, which will affect all aspects of his life. He is absolutely sure of what he wants and how to achieve it.

    9. It helps at home. While I don't work, in my opinion, it means I should take care of everything at home, from bills to chores to laundry and cooking, and he helps me list everything but cooking.

    10. He's my sweetheart. Especially for my mom. My mother loves him, too. We have a Chinese proverb. Love the house, love the crows that come with it. It means you totally love someone, everything about that person, everything about that person. I can't imagine my life without him.

    In fact, there are many more reasons to marry an engineer. If you go through a stable or reliable, ready-to-use engineer dating site, you will no doubt find your engineer, and you're definitely married the right one!

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