• How to Spot a Fake Rich Single Engineer

    how to spot a fake rich single engineer

    Do you want to meet rich young and single engineer? Does the idea of falling in love with an engineer who is very financially attractive always run in your mind? Does a lifestyle of having money, expensive clothes, traveling, jewelry and everything your heart wants entice you? Although rich, wealthy single engineer is rare, they are out there if only you know how to differentiate the truly rich ones from fake ones. Here are some helpful tips to help you in your search.

    Features of the fake rich single engineer

    Here are some characteristics of a single engineer who portray themselves as being rich:

    1.Possession expensive objects

    This is the easiest way for a “fake-rich” person to make people believe they are rich. They rent an excellent car or get the new iPhone. When you see this person with expensive things, your brain is likely to tell you that they have money (at first sight).

    2.Living up to their lifestyle

    Fake Rich engineers have to earn a lot of money to maintain their materialistic lifestyle. Most fake rich engineer have very stable jobs that allow them to participate in the change of lifestyle actively.

    3.Validation is always required

    The fake rich engineers need you to comment and worry about their material possessions, like their house, car, or job and even their mobile phones. They will often talk about the subject to generate questions and discussions. It's the route they engage into validating their own life choices.

    4.Small Savings

    Fake rich engineers are too busy spending their income on "things" to worry about the future.They are not bothered about creating residual income or saving for the future, even when they are close to the standard retirement age.

    5.They show up to others

    This goes with the previous point, but fake rich people like to show that they are improving with Better job, luxurious car and anything you could think of. They always use every opportunity to display and show off their riches and flaunt it in front of others.

    6.Have to dress in a specific way.

    Another easy way to show someone that "you have money" is to dress in expensive clothes. A new combination of power suits always gives a person the feeling of being important.A typical example is seeing someone dressed in expensive clothes, sunglasses, and wristwatch in a shopping mall only to see them stepped into a rented expensive car when they are leaving.

    What fake rich engineers desperately want to keep a secret

    Here are some features you cannot see or know about fake rich engineers:

    1.They Live from Paycheck-To-Paycheck

    The fake rich engineer spends their hard earned money on keeping up appearances, having a huge house and buying tons of new items only means they have to spend their money, they do not usually save. As a result, many of them live in wages.

    2.The never feel satisfied

    The fake rich single engineers always seem to want more. These people should have the best and the newest to show others how much money (they think) they have. This regularly causes discontent. Imagine this perpetual cycle of misfortune.

    3.They live a life of envy

    It might sound quite strange that fake rich engineers do have an envious character despite their materialistic lifestyle. They do not grasp the concept of living below your means. Their mindset was that if you can afford it with a monthly payment, you can afford it. While they’re working to pay for new cars, big homes, and material things, the truly rich ones are living below their means and loving it. They take early retirement while fake rich ones still working to keep up their lifestyle.

    Finally, how are rich single engineers always stay rich? They live just like ordinary people.

    Though, being frugal does not mean being cheap. they can live a life of frugality and enjoy many things in life. They do not have to live in a mansion and drive a sports car worth millions of dollars to lead a prosperous life.

    As you can see, identifying a real rich single engineer is not always easy. Moreover, the "real rich" do not live as people usually think.

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