• How Long Should It Take Between the First and Second Engineer Dates

    how long should it take between the first and second engineer dates

    Now that you're here, you've had a great online date with a rich elite of engineers. First congratulations, and now you're wondering how long it should take between the first and second engineer dates. Before we get started, we need to know how you came up with a second engineer date, and if you get off to a bad start, there's no good outcome. You can check out our article about How Will You Grow and Change Through Engineer Online Dating to learn more.

    Now let's talk about how long you should wait between the first engineer date and the second.

    There are no hard and fast dates between the first and second engineer appointments.
    People like to make clear rules about many things, but in fact, there are many rules that are bad or even bad for you, and the rules will restrict people's development. The same goes for dating. There are no hard and fast rules about how long you should wait between the first and second dates.

    What matters is whether the person you're dating is the right person for you and how you felt on your first date. If you're feeling great on your first date, you'll both be dying to go on a second date, and as soon as you both have some free time, the second date will start. But if your first date feels so bad that you don't even want to go on a second date, it means there will never be a second.

    So what we want to tell you is that there are no hard and fast rules about this, it depends on your attitude. But if you come here looking for a strict rule, we won't let you down. Just before we give you our "rule," we want to make sure you realize that this is a rule we fully allow you to break.

    For example, if your first date is on a Monday or Tuesday and things are going well, it's ok to schedule a second date for the weekend or put it off for a few days because of their schedule. If your first date is on the weekend and everything is perfect, consider scheduling some dates for the next weekend.

    What happens if you wait too long between the first and second dates?
    We don't recommend that second dates start quickly or wait too long. Dating is exciting and you need to do it while you're still passionate. The longer you wait for a second date, the less passionate and motivated you will be to go out on a second date. Slowly, because you do not know each other, coupled with the erosion of time, the chemical reaction between you will slowly disappear with time, if not timely remedy. Yes, it can still be rebuilt, but you need to start before your second date.

    There are times when a second date has to be postponed for some compelling reason, making the gap between the first and second dates too long. What you can do is to coordinate as much as possible to minimize the harm.

    How to go on a second date faster without feeling embarrassed?
    You want to go on a second date after the first one, but you don't know what to do to avoid embarrassment. It's actually not that hard. All you need to do is plan where you want the second date to be and make sure that it's a different date. It's not like something you can do every week.

    For example, invite them to some interesting activities to reduce the awkward time. Let's get real: a friend of ours recently found a single female engineer on a millionaire dating site and started dating for the first time. When it was over, he wanted to go out with the girl again as soon as possible, but he was worried that she would think he was too eager or embarrassed. In fact, he just really liked the girl he was dating and wanted to spend more time getting to know her. Finally, he found out that an interesting event was being planned for this week, so our friend took the initiative to ask the girl out and said this in a text message: "hey! I know it might be a little fast, but I'd like to go to an interesting activity this weekend to see if you'd like to join us. Have you been there before?

    You know what happened? The girl said yes and they started dating more and more. Now they are married. Isn't that surprising? Anyway, what we want to tell you is, find something interesting to do.

    So that's the solution to how long you should go on a first date with a second engineer. Take our tips to start your rich dating journey!

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