• How Do You Get an Engineer to Stop Ignoring You

    How Do You Get an Engineer to Stop Ignoring You

    When you go on a romantic date with a rich engineer from an engineer dating site, and suddenly find that the engineer you want to contact is ignoring you, your first reaction is panic. However, the first thing I want to tell you is not to panic. Yes, it may not be easy, but we can help you make it easier. Let's get started.

    Is he ignoring you, or is he not even aware of your existence?
    Still, I've seen some engineers fill their schedules so tightly after a breakup that they don't even have time to think about talking to their exes. Cutting someone off completely makes things easier. I think it's a little harsh, but it happens all the time. If you've just broken up with an engineer, chances are he just wants some space. Breaking up is never easy, and communicating with your partner after that can be a little... Painful, even annoying, depending on what his purpose was (if it was voluntary).

    If he's engineer you haven't dated yet and he suddenly starts ignoring you, here are some explanations. Maybe he's not interested in you at all. Maybe he turned his attention to the next person. Maybe he doesn't like to make the first move. Either way, your gut will tell you to try to force him to notice you no matter what situation you're in. You will find yourself driven to do all kinds of things. You overreact to his every move, overreact to everything he does, overanalyze every little thing he does. You'll want to badger him and text him. It's going to be annoying, because nobody likes to be badgered, right? So what do you do? Just follow these tips:

    Step 1: get him interested
    If you haven't met him face-to-face yet, don't call, text or contact him anyway. I mean, if his neglect of you isn't the result of the breakup, then your initial goal is to be out of touch for a week, then two, then three...And so on. He would not have noticed it for more than a week or two. During this time, you can arouse others' interest by doing some things.

    Move on with your life. Don't stop, don't focus all your attention on him and what he's doing. Instead, focus all your attention on what you're doing and make the most of it. Finish something you've been putting off or ignoring. Turn your attention to worthy people, basically anyone who can bring positive benefits to your life. Because, guess what...If you are attractive on the inside, you will look very attractive on the outside. He'll be curious about you.

    Learn the subtle arts. Being aggressive is not attractive. Putting stuff in someone's face doesn't make them feel funny. In fact, the real way is for them to find out for themselves. Even so, you should let them see a small portion of it and hide most of it. For example, if you spend most of your time on adventures with friends, such as hiking or mountain climbing, you may post one or two photos on social media. What you don't do is write down every little thing you do. When you reconnect, you want to talk about something. It makes sense. Isn't it?

    Let others love you. To do this, be sincere and engaging, rather than begging or making others feel sorry for you. Most people confuse these two things at this point and end up making those around them feel manipulated or, worse, sad. Everyone in the world, except the hermit, has what we call a circle of influence.

    Step 2: stay interactive
    Being interactive makes it impossible for a man to ignore you, because you're always in his zone and it's impossible to ignore you. For example, tides is how many text messages you send to your man to make him look natural. You don't want to be a wave. You'll go from low tide (barely text him) to high tide (text him often), and do it as gradually as possible. You don't even want him to notice the high tide. Before he knows it, he will swim happily. Well, what I mean by that is you have to do it step by step, not jump to the point. For example, the first day to send two text messages, the second day to send two text messages, the third day no text messages, the fourth day to send four text messages, so full of slowly developing. But I'm talking about interactions, and that means one-to-one interactions, because every text you send them should be a response. If he doesn't respond, don't continue. Let's say you're on day 4 and you've sent three texts, but after day 3 he stops replying. So, day four, start again. You can't go into day five until you get three replies.

    Step 3: be proactive
    It's no secret that texting is my first choice. If you want to succeed, the most important thing is that you should be patient. It takes time to text and get the right response, and if you're in a hurry, the truth is you'll fall flat on your face. But the first time you text there's no contact, it's like sticking your toes in the sink to see if it's too cold. You don't want to jump in with both feet and end up in the polar region by accident. Instead, you want to ease into your job in a completely non-threatening way. So, your first text message should be unthreatening. After all, we're not looking for trouble, are we? We just want to open up channels of communication. This message should have an entirely innocent "I happened to think of you, so I texted you without thinking..."

    Inciting. Incitement is to get someone to do something. If you want him to get excited about your texts. You can start with, "you'll never guess what just happened..."Or" oh my god, you'll never believe what I've done/what I'm going to do..."" this should be a topic of real interest to him. Don't worry too much about whether he used to like you or not. Now all you have to do is tell him to stop ignoring you.

    Open. You never want to ask questions that can be answered with a simple "you," "no" or a short answer. You want him to talk instinctively, which makes him feel like he's starting the conversation and not you, and makes him unconsciously start caring about you.

    And finally...If you want more than the attention of an engineer, perhaps you can follow up our website Engineerdating.org for more information on how to win the heart of an engineer elite. Good luck!

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