• 7 sincere ways to attract the elite women you love

    7 sincere ways to attract the elite women you love

    Once upon a time, in a small Scottish mining village where it was accepted to chat up women, gays were called "queer" and pedophiles were called "dirty old men", you risked being labeled "queer", or at least "queer", if you disagreed with highly biased views.

    Fortunately, as an only child, my parents doted on me and instilled in me their most cherished values. Another thing my parents taught me was about relationships. You see, they are equal partners, they love me to distraction, and they love each other. Until now, their most precious legacy to me has been to treat all people equally, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any label you can think of.

    Chatting up a woman is a form of etiquette. This phrase masks some men's attitudes toward women, and while it may not be politically correct now, it still holds its head high in a modern version of "seducing women. “In fact, there are thousands of books and articles from so-called dating experts on how to seduce women. A search for "how to seduce women" on Google will yield more than 11.4m results, so it is clear that male chauvinism still exists.

    I can't help but think that it's time to treat women as equals, rather than as sexual objects. My quest for gender equality begins today with 7 ways to truly attract elite single women, in the hope that men who try to seduce elite women and even more single women will see their mistakes and regret treating women as sexual objects, or at least refrain from doing so.

    1. Be humble
    Some of the most respected and respected people in the world have an amazing trait: humility. The same is true in relationships. If you want to win someone's heart, abandon your ego today. I can assure you that this will increase your appeal tenfold.

    2. Praise
    Nothing draws women to you like a complement. However, know that if these compliments are not sincere, they will backfire. So always look for qualities you can praise. Compliment or complement? Compliments come from the heart, but compliments come from the brain! There is no personal interest in praise; there is always an incentive to flatter. So when you notice that someone has something you like about them, don't be afraid to compliment them, whether it's their appearance or their behavior.

    3. Be gentle
    To be tender in a relationship means that whatever you say or do, comes from the heart. You need to expose yourself to the danger of hurting yourself, to make yourself vulnerable, or in other words, to open up. Once, when I took someone out to dinner, she reached across the table and touched my face -- it felt like an electric shock! Why is that? Because I felt it was coming from her heart!

    4. Focus
    Remember that you have two ears and one mouth, so you really should listen twice as much as you say. Putting on an act is no good -- you need to be genuinely interested in what a woman has to say and really listen, not pretend to listen. So how do you let her know you're listening? Well, it helps to build rapport if you comment on what she said and ask questions. Asking for her input can also help your relationship.

    5. Be honest
    On the first date, you should be your best self to your date, but you must resist the temptation to lie and become better than you really are. This means if you are a flight attendant, don't claim to be a pilot. If you're a nurse, and don’t call yourself a doctor. It also means that when you're actually 40, don't claim to be 25 and add a photo of yourself now to your dating profile, not a photo of yourself 10 years ago or someone else.

    Don't you believe that people would do such a thing? Well, I know they are, because I know a rich woman who didn't recognize a man on her first date. To make matters worse, she said the gentleman was disappointed when she refused to go on a second date with him! It is obvious that the man lied.

    Honesty also applies to who you are and your values. For example, if you are an atheist, there is no point in saying you are a devout Christian just to please a Christian. Eventually, the truth will come out and she won't believe you, which could be the beginning of a bad relationship.

    6. Be polite
    Having and showing good manners and politeness is the whole of politeness. This applies to opening doors for women, letting them in first, driving doors for women, and, of course, good table manners, which are crucial if you want your date to like to eat with you and agree to a second date!

    7. Be sensitive
    Who doesn't appreciate a keen person? This means that men need to be sensitive to women's needs. Do you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker?How many times have you seen a man choose an event whose date isn't vague, interested, or even worse, scared, including that person taking his date on his private jet even though she hates flying or organizing a first date shot by a photographer? Do you understand?

    Of course, the need for a sensitive woman means finding out that she is first by asking questions and listening to her answers - apparently this is the program of many alien millionaires, or they just believe it is important money in the United States.

    All in all, my hope is that this article has shown that the word "seduction" has no place in the vocabulary of a modern society in which gender equality is a given, nor in the minds of the poor men who see it as some sort of mating game. To attract the elite women you like, you can try the above points, I believe you are not far from your happy life.

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