• 6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get a Rich Engineer Hooked On You

    6 scientifically proven ways to get a rich engineer hooked on you

    So you've just started dating on some famous engineer dating website with a rich engineer you think has potential. Now you want him to become addicted to you and to look forward to the future as much as you do. But... How can you do that?

    How do you get a rich engineer hooked on you?
    This man likes you, but you want him to be addicted to you so he can't satisfy your perfect self! But if you're back in the dating game after years or even decades, you may feel like you're not good at attracting men. Don't worry, I'm here to offer some tips to get you started. Believe me, madam, you can make it.

    1. Let your intelligence shine (don't show it off)
    Let a man see your intelligence, but don't overdo it. Of course, I totally agree: some men can't handle smart (confident or strong) women, but listen to me: these men are not for you. Trust me, there will always be someone who will be attracted to your wisdom and you will want to promote it, not hide it. If the person you're with makes you feel threatened by your intelligence, he's not for you.

    While I encourage you to let your intelligence shine, don't use it as a tool to impress him or to give yourself the upper hand, i.e. don't overdo it. If you start talking about phytoplankton evolution and his eyes glaze over, find something else to talk about.

    2. Available... But don't be too available
    While you're here to get a rich engineer hooked on you, if you're available every time he texts, calls or wants to date you, he won't find it challenging. Because things that are too easy to get are not always that attractive.

    But if you're waiting to respond to a text or tell him you're busy tonight, he'll prioritize you so you can allocate more time to him. I'm not at all advocating that you play games with that guy and figure out the wait time before replying to a text message. I just don't want you to put the center of your world on receiving his letter and responding immediately. So leave your phone on silent or charge it in another room. Make plans to hang out with your friends. Keep doing what you love. Give him the rest of the time. What I mean is that you shouldn't leave all your time to him. If you really live a fulfilling life, it's not hard for you to spend less time with men.

    3. Act like a reward
    You may be frustrated that you failed to date other men, but let me tell you this: it has nothing to do with your attractiveness. You should never be with men who are not right for you.

    If this man is worth your while, it's important that you know your worth. This will help you gain confidence, but it will also make him wildly attracted to you. Because you won't stand for a man who's an hour late for an appointment. Because you're not interested in playing games. When you know you are a prize, you let him do the work to win you, let him come to you. Don't push him away in such a hurry. Move on with your life and he will want to be a part of it.

    4. Be vulnerable to him
    When you show your vulnerability to a man, it shows that he is very important to you, so you can show your vulnerability to him without fear. You're telling him that you trust him enough to tell him what you value. This could be because of your insecurities, bad past relationships, or how you feel about him.

    I know it can be hard to be vulnerable to a man after a past relationship. But if you really want to find love again (and I think you mean it), then this is what you have to do. This will not only make you irresistible to him, but it will also help you heal past hurts and open your heart to new love. Start by sharing small things with him. Get a text from him first thing in the morning, which might make you smile. Over time, you will gradually become more open.

    5. Exude confidence
    There's no doubt that confidence is really the sexiest thing on a woman's dating belt. Consider, for example, two types of men: one who is very shy, always hunches his shoulders together as if he wants to hide, and speaks very little. The other always takes up space in the room and makes eye contact with everyone. He smiles a lot and makes you feel like you're the only woman in the world.

    To be honest, which one is more attractive to you? I guess the confident one. Therefore, you should also become a confident person, to be attractive. Confidence not only helps you live a happy life, but also makes you more attractive to others. If he sees that you don't need his or anyone else's approval and you're going your own way, he'll become addicted to you. If you don't have 100 percent confidence in yourself, go for it. Everyone has the ability to increase their self-confidence.

    6. Let him know he excites you
    No matter where you are with this man, no matter how close your relationship is, you should work in that direction to let him know that he is important and he needs to know that he has the power to wake you up.

    It could be that what he says excites you; or his actions excite you; or the way he CARES about you excites you. Anyway, make sure he knows he's making you excited. You can tell him directly, or respond in a more subtle (or less subtle) way. If he touches your knee and makes you purr (go ahead, purr!) Touch his arm and smile. Men love compliments just as much as women do, and giving them lets him know you want more, no matter what he's doing to arouse you.

    In short, be yourself and make him addicted to you. It takes no skill, no makeup, and no low-cut shirts to make a rich engineer from an engineer dating site addicted to you. If the chemistry is right, the two of you will become addicted to each other and you will have a beautiful love story.

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