• 5 Things Not To Say on Your First Rich Dating

    5 things not to say on your first rich dating

    You found your rich singles through some rich dating sites, and you started your first date with your rich partner, which is great! But this is also your first time to date a rich millionaire, you must be nervous and excited. But don't worry, everything will go right, he likes your personality, just like he likes your appearance. Of course, you have a lot of questions about what to expect and how you should prepare.

    In general, you want to stay awake and sell your strengths to yourself, rather than leaving like an aggressive salesperson. A clever way to find the similarities you see on his page. Hobbies are a good starting point. Do you both like skiing? Travel by walking? Vacation destination? But remember, there are a few points below that you can't say in the first rich date!

    Caution is really important
    Be cautious when speaking in public, let alone in your first rich date. This is the first date, because the two of you know each other and ask a lot of questions. It is likely that you will meet him in a busy public place like a cafe or restaurant, but you don't want to focus on you. Then look for a quiet place in the corner so you don't have to shout at each other. In the relevant instructions, please pay attention to how your dating partner talks and reacts to the surrounding environment. If you become uncomfortable during your conversation, stop your conversation, politely wash your bathroom and think about where you are right.

    Don't ask how successful he is
    Yes, some people look for rich people to date for financial support. If the other party succeeds, it means he has a bigger budget to support you. Therefore, some people will eagerly ask how successful the other party is on the first date.

    It is possible that before you ask him, he will take the initiative to talk to you about the success of the different businesses they operate, how much they are funded, what their jobs are, and you will be able to feel what their success is. For example, I met a rich man, and the activity center he runs is doing quite well, but he is not a millionaire, he has a little extra cost.

    Don't be a phone addict
    It’s not a good idea to watch the phone frequently during the first date. You better not say: “I just want to check my phone quickly.” Yes, when you see your phone is on, you will Curiosity is not what interesting pictures your friends have uploaded, you want to know immediately. But remember, the first date is where the other person makes the most impression of you. He may think that you are not respectful to him, or that he is very boring, you are not interested in him. He may think that checking your phone may be a constant thing, he will consider whether it is time to continue this date. If you really need to check your phone, please forgive yourself to the bathroom and show yourself as professionally as possible.

    Don't ask about his personal life
    When you first date a rich person, remember not to ask about his personal life. The current situation is that he has already started dating you. He just wants to focus on this moment, and you can wait until later. If he mentions that he is divorced and has children, don't ask him why his marriage was unsuccessful and what his child's name is. You ask his family may look thoughtful, but the first date is not the right time.

    In the relevant notes, it is not the right time to contact him on these issues. If he mentions that he is divorcing - just nod his head and sympathize until you can turn the conversation into something easier, more interesting and related. Don't take this opportunity to talk about your views on divorce.

    No sad story
    This is not a large storytelling scene, you don't have to sell it on your first rich date. The sad story is never suitable for those who meet you for the first time. No one likes this sad atmosphere. This is very important and must be repeated twice: there is no whimpering story.

    Of course, since the two of you have agreed to the first date, then come straight to the point and tell your thoughts, let your personality and future goals talk.

    Although the above are some trivial things, they often play a big role. Dating elite singles or millionaires is not difficult, if you impress them - according to our experience, dating is usually very fast.

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