• 5 Online Dating Tips For Women On Engineer Dating Sites

    5 Online Dating Tips For Women On Engineer Dating Sites

    Online engineer dating sites and apps have become popular tools for women to find elite singles, where they can meet high-quality singles and enjoy a luxurious dating experience. As a dating consultant, I'm often asked about the online dating skills of engineers dating websites, so it's obviously become a very popular channel... But women don't really know how to use it better.

    Online engineer dating is different from meeting someone in real life. When people can hide behind technology, they may behave differently than they actually do, but you can't see it. It's challenging to read his body language!

    If you've recently been single again, you may feel lost in the new world of technology dating. But don't worry, I'm here to help you. Here are some engineer dating tips for women, and once you've mastered them, you can start dating like a professional!

    Tip 1 for women: think of a first date as a first meeting
    Don't take the first date too seriously. That's what you do, see if you have that chemistry. Online chatting and face-to-face chatting are two different things. Without face-to-face communication, you don't know whether there is an opportunity to develop a relationship. So changing your mindset from "date" to "meet" can take some of the pressure off. Never expect too much from a guy you talk to online. Even if you hit it off online, you're not sure if there's chemistry. If the conversation works, great. If not, treat it like a meeting with a new friend and move on.

    Tip 2 for women: let him come to you
    One of the best online dating tips I can give you is to know that you are a valuable person. It means he comes to you, not you to him. If you want to meet, choose a place close to you and wait for him to come to you. But don't let him pick you up at your house! On a first date (actually a first meeting), you don't know the person well enough to tell him your address. Because safety should be your primary concern. Don't give him your phone number too soon, because he can use it to find your address. It's a little creepy. If he doesn't want to come to you, let him go. You don't want a man who won't take the trouble to meet you.

    Tip 3 for women: assume he's 50% less attractive than his picture
    We all want to show our best side to others. So, when it comes to dating photos in our profiles, we even refine our photos to make us look better than we really are! Some men may be too fat now, but they use pictures of themselves when they were thin to look more attractive. When you see him, you will find that what you see is not the same as what you see in the photo, and you will feel a sense of loss, because you hope so much. So when you see a picture, you have to assume that the person is not as good as the picture looks, are you still willing to go out with him?

    The opposite is also true: some people take bad pictures, but they are better than the pictures. So, what's the other secret of online dating? Don't trust his picture too much. He will look very different in person, so if he looks slightly attractive, he may be more attractive or less attractive in person. If you're interested in the information in his profile, it's worth getting to know him.

    Tip 4 for women: think of online dating as a marathon, not a sprint
    Don't give up after a few days or weeks of using an engineering-dating site that doesn't make any progress. You may meet people who are interested in you, but you don't like them. You may have received little information. I know, this can make you feel rejected. But online dating isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, and you need to keep at it to get to the point. In fact, these problems are part of any online dating experience. Online dating is a tool for finding interesting people, not a magic wand that automatically satisfies your desire for a boyfriend. It needs to work slowly. Just as you have to apply for dozens of jobs to get a few interviews, or at least one job offer, you have to spend time on dating apps to find a match. Think of dating as an exercise, and even if it doesn't work out, you'll have an extra experience. Especially if you've been away from dating games for a while, you can benefit from texting, talking to men, and dating men.

    Tip 5 for women: keep your messages short and sweet
    Women often send messages online in a significantly different way than men. Most women take the time to read a man's profile and say something that shows they're paying attention: hey, you had a great photo from your last trip, where did you take it? Do you like Adele? I also like her music. Men, on the other hand, rarely take the time to read your profile online, and many don't even bother to read your carefully written profile. They prefer face-to-face communication.

    Oh, how can you get a crush on a man who barely texts you? But I would say that you should be careful to only send brief messages like men. You can do more than just say hello, but when you text on a dating site for the first time, don't overstate your life story. It feels like a story. Make sure the conversation is two-way, so your answer should end with a question to keep the conversation going. For example: I'm an executive at a financial company. What do you do? It seems to me that you like traveling very much. When was the last time you traveled? Asking questions is a good way to start a conversation.

    Also, remember that texting isn't the best way to get to know someone, so your goal should be to video the person so you can see their body language and get to know them faster.

    Finally, I hope these online dating tips for women will show you that dating apps and websites for rich engineers and elite singles are not something to be afraid of, but something to be fun about. All you have to do is relax and enjoy it. Also, don't just rely on online dating to meet a man! You'll maximize your chances by going out, going to events, or going to places where you might meet men.

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